For some cases of obesity dieting and doing sports are insufficient to get rid of excess weight and that sometimes keeps increasing with age, to a certain level especially when BMI (Body Mass Index ) exceeds 35 or 40, the health risks and even the life of the patient are very important.

Obesity surgery (or “bariatric” surgery) is a surgery that acts on the anatomy of the digestive system (the stomach) to change its shape.

It is a mechanical and metabolic solution that reduces the amount of food consumed (restriction principle) and / or the assimilation of food by the body.
Thanks to this limitation the patient can lose 40 to 70% of the excess of his weight in the year following the operation.

Obesity surgery is therefore an effective and radical solution that allows patients to find a more aesthetic silhouette and also to reduce the risk of diseases related to obesity, however a good diet rich in vitamins is necessary because the amount of food ingested will be very small compared to a normal person.

There are several techniques that your surgeon can recommend for your case, so do not hesitate to seek the advice of our surgeon if you want to find a surgical solution to your obesity.

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