Medikalista : Medical Travel Facilitator

Medikalista is a brand of Optimum Allianz Ltd a maltese company.

Owner: Optimum Allianz Limited. Registration number: C 85358


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Medikalista maintains a network of partners (clinics and surgeons) around the world to provide you with a platform that allows you to easily and quickly program high quality medical treatments at an affordable price abroad.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals in the organization of medical stays, we have combined our skills with those of renowned teams of health professionals and tourism, to bring you the best quality of service.

Our vocation is not only to guide you step by step for your decision making, but also and above all to provide you with personalized assistance throughout your medical stay.


Our quality charter


The best institutions and specialist

Doctors Surgeons who studied in Tunisia, France and the United States, registered on the National Council of the College of Physicians. They contribute to the exchange of their knowledge through scientific works and publications in specialized magazines.

Clinics with the best equipment and recognized for the quality of their services, their modern and up-to-date infrastructure, and competent and available medical and paramedical staff.


We offer you some of the most attractive rates

The prices we offer in Tunisia, are not the fact of a discount medicine, they have been studied in partnership with surgeons, clinics and hotels in a spirit of equity and win – win approach.

We offer preferential rates and discounts for multiple interventions.The transparency of the quote, without risk of over some of the requirements of the intervention.

The prices of plastic surgery in Tunisia are more affordable for objective and perfectly understandable reasons:

– The exchange rate of the Euro in relation to the Tunisian Dinar (1 Euro = 2.98 Dinar approximately);

-The encouragement of the Tunisian government to the health sector by tax exemptions on the importation of equipment.

-The level of wages applied in relation to standard of living explains the differences in rates with those seen in Europe and especially in Switzerland.
– Life is simply cheaper in Tunisia.

The tariff of a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is thus up to 60% cheaper for an equivalent level of benefit.

The rates presented in the page “prices of aesthetic surgery in Tunisia” are indicative, a personalized quote will be sent to you without any commitment, by the fact of contacting us.


Personal assistance and accompaniment

For us, every patient is unique and we make every effort to ensure the best service. A personal assistant will help you and guide you every step of your stay in Tunisia.We understand that you are far from home to have surgery. This feeling of loneliness will not be felt at any time in our company. You will be pampered and surrounded like nowhere else. You will have personal assistance during your stay.Throughout your stay, both the surgeon and the medical, paramedical and hospital staff will listen to you and will provide you with appropriate care and advice.In order to offer you optimum security, care guarantees have been put in place


A convalescent period at the seaside 

We have selected hotels located 10 minutes from Tunis airport in the famous seaside resort of Gammarth, by the sea. Your clinic is less than 10 minutes away. Everything has been designed to bring you comfort and well-being during your recovery period and allow you to recover faster.