Plastic surgery agency in Tunisia

Looking for change or enhancement for your body, correct imperfections or even repair malformations obtained from accident!!
Cosmetic surgery, which is constantly evolving, remains an effective and lasting solution to get rid of any imperfections and have the body of your dreams.
In order to help you in your approach, Medikalista puts at your disposal the best specialists in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Tunisia your cosmetic surgery destination

Thanks to its geographical position as well as its mild and warm climate, the expertise of its surgeons and the modern infrastructure of its clinics, Tunisia has all the assets to make your stay as pleasant as possible at a very attractive price.
Once your decision has been made, be certain that the entire professional team of “Medikalista” will assist you during your stay, because your well-being as well as your satisfaction are our priority objectives.

The journey of our patient

As soon as you arrive to Tunis-Carthage airport, our team will be there to welcome you and take care of you.
On your arrival at the clinic our team will take care of all the steps for your admission.

Once installed the medical staff will take care of you. During your pre-operative consultation, you must take the opportunity to communicate well with your surgeon who will answer all questions that concern you.

You will spend your first night at the clinic under surveillance, to be in shape for your surgery.
The next day, you will be transferred to the operating room where your deepest desires will emerge.
After your surgery, you will stay at the clinic between 2 to 4 days depending on the type of your intervention. During this period you will be under the supervision of the medical staff. Your surgeon will come for postoperative consultation where he will prescribe the necessary medications and will inform you of recommendations and tips to follow.

Upon leaving the clinic, we will offer you a convalescence in a calm and luxury hotel.
Alone or accompanied by the person you have chosen to share your experience, the 5 * hotel with which we collaborate, will offer you the most relaxing stay. Indeed, you can have access to various relaxation activities, such as thalassotherapy if your state of health allows you.
You will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Tunisian tourist sites, such as Carthaginian archaeological sites, museums, and the Tunisian Santorini Sidi Bou Said.