We have put in place a simple process that allows you to organize your cosmetic surgery stay or for another medical specialty according to your needs.

With your client area and the assistance of one of our counselors:

  • you can quickly find out the opinion of our surgeon partner on the feasibility of your cosmetic surgery or another specialty you have requested,
  • to have a personalized quote, detailed and without hidden costs
  • to reserve your stay according to your availability.


Step 1: Fill out your request form

We can provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your cosmetic surgery operation (or other medical specialty: see our specialties)

To do this you just need to fill out our quote request form which contains 4 sections:

  • Your request: Your contacts and the treatments you need
  • Your medical history (and / or copies of your analyzes and medical reports) that will allow your surgeon to properly assess your health.
  • Your photos (in case of cosmetic surgery): The surgeon asks for 2 photos for each part of the body to be treated: A face and a profile. The surgeon asks for these photos to properly evaluate your case, check that cosmetic surgery or treatment is feasible and advise you on the best possible solution.
  • The information on your stay: The dates and the period you plan for your medical or cosmetic surgery stay, your companions …

Completing a quote request automatically opens an account on our client area, thanks to this account you can follow all the steps of your request, see the surgeon’s answer, see your detailed quote, contact your Medikalista advisor and see all the information necessary to organize your stay. You can also contact your counselor by phone or e-mail. She will provide you with all the information you need to organize your cosmetic or medical surgery stay.

Step 2: You receive a response from the surgeon with a personalized and detailed quote

After receiving your request, it will be send to one of our surgeon partners according to the specialty requested.
Within 24/48 working hours, you will receive the answer of our surgeon with his opinion for your case.

This answer will be accompanied by a detailed estimate, according to your specific case, for an all inclusive stay (plastic surgery or other, clinic, surgeon, hotel and transfers)

This quote will be clear and without hidden fees to allow you to properly manage your budget.

Step 3: Our counselor accompanies you with all the necessary information to organize your medical stay or cosmetic surgery.

In the case of cosmetic surgery, you must observe a minimum period of 7 days of reflection before you decide.
During this period, our counselors will be there to answer all your questions.
Your counselor can also arrange a Skype interview with the surgeon, if you ask.

Step 4: Booking your stay

Once decided and your arrival date fixed, you can confirm your dates on your client area on Medikalista or by contacting your Medikalista advisor by phone or email.

Your counselor will confirm the dates according to the availability of the surgeon and his schedule.
After confirming your arrival and return dates with your advisor, you can purchase your flight ticket and inform your flight advisor.

Once your flight details have been received, your consultant will send a detailed schedule of your cosmetic surgery stay in Tunisia or for another specialty you have chosen.

From this stage your date will be fixed on the planning and all the bookings for your stay will be made (Hotel, surgeon, clinic and other specialists)

Step 5: Your arrival and the progress of your medical stay

Arrival at the airport:

You will be welcomed by your Medical Resident Advisor who will speak your language perfectly, she will be there to explain and accompany you throughout your stay in cosmetic or medical surgery.
Your driver will be there to take you to the clinic or hotel depending on the schedule of your stay.

Clinic and surgery:

At the clinic, before your surgery, your surgeon will carry out a detailed and accurate preoperative consultation to assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals and answer any questions or concerns about your surgery. An anesthetist doctor will also assess your health based on your analyzes and your balance sheets.

At the end of your preoperative consultation a “consent” document will be provided for you to fill and sign.
After having validated all the details with your surgeon you must pay your fees.
Payment can be done by:

  • Online payment on your customer area
  • Transfer (In this case the payment must be done at least 48 hours before the operation)
  • Certified bank checks
  • Cash.

Your Medikalsita consultant will be there and will accompany you along this route she will assist you in every detail and provide you with the necessary information.
After having validated all the details with your surgeon, signed your consent and paid your fees, the nurses will take you to the operating room to undergo your surgery.

Convalescence and visit:

Your Medicalsita counselor will accompany you along this route and she will be there to organize your exit from the clinic and departure to your hotel.

She will assist you during this recovery period at the hotel and will organize for you the postoperative consultation visit with your surgeon and all the necessary care.

Departure :

After having confirmed with you the date and the details of your departure flight, a driver from our transfer team will come to the hotel to accompany you to the airport.

Step 6: The follow-up after your return home

After your return, our counselor will be at your disposal to answer your questions and coordinate the follow-up of your recovery with your surgeon. You will be asked to send us your photos after one, three and six months so that your surgeon can assess and monitor your recovery.