You want to laugh without restraint and keep looking younger but you are missing one or more teeth?

Dental implantation is the most effective solution and involves replacing the natural root with an artificial one.

You should know that a tooth loss can also affect your diet.


Typical stay for dental implants in Tunisia

The implantation in Tunisia requires in most cases two stays:


  • The first stay lasting 3 to 5 days is devoted to the placement of bone grafts and the placement of dental implants.
  • Duration of rest: A period of 3 to 6 months is essential for your body to assimilate the dental implant.
  • The second stay lasts from 7 to 10 days. After the integration of the dental implant into the jaw, it is necessary to take the borrowers of the latter to be able to make the crowns and put them on the implants.


Dental Implant price in Tunisia

Prices do not include the stay.

Dental implant in titanium brand German Dental Ratio (+ temporary crown) (1st stay 3 to 5 days): 550, 00 £


Titanium dental implant placement Swedish brand Nobel Biocare (+ temporary crown) (1st stay 3 to 5 days): 740, 00 £


Ceramic crown + pillar on implant (2nd stay 7 to 10 days): 335, 00 £


Crown in Zirconia + pillar on implant (2nd stay 7 to 10 days):  435, 00 £


Removable dentures: On request.


Fixed prostheses and bridges: On request

Important: For surgery and dental care, the prices are displayed as an indication only.

Each patient requires a special treatment adapted to his case and that’s why it is essential to consult one of our dentists.

In order to establish a treatment plan and a personalized quote, our dental surgeons will need:

– A face photo of the teeth with an open mouth (Levees and cheeks well apart)

-A photo of face and a profile of your face with your mouth closed

-A panoramic dental radio


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What to know before using dental implants

The feasibility of the intervention depends on the result of the final examination and the scanner.

To make a diagnosis, your specialist surgeon will need a panoramic radio, a face photo with the mouth closed, and a photo of the teeth with cheeks well apart.

Dental implants are not made for everyone: The bone must support the implant and the gum must be of good quality.

For this, you are advised before using dental implants to reduce tobacco consumption.

International brands of dental implants

The dental implants we use are internationally approved in terms of quality and durability.

We provide brand names and websites to get an idea about the dental implants we use:

Dental Ratio:

Nobel Biocare:


What kind of dental implants?

The most common types of dental implants are:

Crown on implant

The dental implant crown is an option to consider if only one tooth is missing.

This technique is not only the newest, but also technologically advanced.


Full bridge

This technique will allow you to regain the pleasure of eating because your teeth will work without any restriction.


Procedure of the dental implantation:

Anesthesia: Local.

Performed under local anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision in the gum and then drills a hole in order to insert the implant.

For an aesthetic reason, a prosthesis can be put temporarily.

After your dental implantation:

The pain and swelling will be slight but it is essential to consult your dentist periodically to ensure the integration of the implant.

If you are bleeding after 3 days of the procedure, do not worry.


Dental implants leave no scars.

Some tips to consider after dental implantation:

If your pain persists, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

If you are a smoker, avoid smoking that may hinder healing.

Soft and liquid foods are recommended after your surgery because of the sutures.

Follow your dentist’s instructions in case of infection.

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