Am I a good candidate for the neck lift?

Typical candidates for the neck lift procedure are patients who have many of the same indications for the traditional facelift, but wish for surgery with reduced recovery time and without the risks of general anesthesia. As with any facial rejuvenation procedure, the best results are achieved when skin texture and facial structure are also addressed.


  Rates : £ 1 750

This package includes: the Surgery, anesthesia, use of the operating room, stay at the clinic, drugs, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, convalescence at the hotel and transfers (Airport / Clinic / Hotel).

 Anesthesia : General

 Length of stay : 5 days (4 nights):3 nights at the clinic / 1 nights at the hotel

Scar : The incision often begins in the hairline , continuing down and around the ear, and ending in the hind hair

Time of absence before returning to work :You can return to work after one week. Do not exert yourself and keep moderate physical activity for 15 days.

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The benefits of the neck lift:

First, the facial planar dissection is performed using the laser to separate the subcutaneous tissue from the underlying layers. The heat of the laser allows cauterization of the subcutaneous blood vessels, allowing less bleeding and tissue trauma and a cleaner, more visible surgical field.

Secondly, the use of the laser is an effective method for heating the underside of the skin, which promotes the tightening of the skin through the stimulation of collagen.

Third, after separating the skin, the surgeon occupies the relaxation of the underlying facial layers using sutures that allow the suspension of the cheeks, jowls and neck areas, just as for a traditional facelift.

Fourth, because of the reducing effects of physical trauma, patients require less recovery time compared to a traditional facial lift.

Finally, this surgery is performed with the use of an oral sedative and a local anesthetic, without the rare side effects that can occur with general anesthesia.

After the surgery:

The recovery time varies from one patient to another. Generally, 2 weeks are necessary.

Most patients have a drain for the first 4 days postoperatively and must wear a surgical compression garment on their face.

The pain control is done through oral narcotic analgesic drugs.

As the doctor follows the patient during the recovery process, he tells you when you can increase your activity and what post-operative massage techniques to facilitate the reduction of facial inflammation.

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