An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, uses a variety of techniques to remove excess skin and fat deposits from the upper arm to give you a youthful, toned look.

Excess skin in the arms naturally develops with age or as a result of massive weight loss.

Am I a good candidate for brachioplasty?

Some of these conditions make you a good candidate for an arm lift:

  • Adults with significant sagging of the skin in the upper arm area.
  • Adults of any age whose weight is relatively stable and not significantly overweight
  • Healthy individuals with no medical history that hinder healing or increase the risk of surgery
  • People with realistic expectations

  Arm lift rate : £ 1 570

This package includes: the Surgery, anesthesia, use of the operating room, stay at the clinic, drugs, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, Silicone Gel implants from an European brand, compression clothes, convalescence at the hotel and transfers (Airport / Clinic / Hotel).

 Anesthesia : general

 Length of stay : 6 days (5 nights): 2 nights at the clinic / 3 nights at the hotel


Time of absence before returning to work :You can return to work after one week. Do not exert yourself and keep moderate physical activity for 15 days.

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Before the surgery:

Why should have an arm lift ?

The goal of a brachioplasty procedure is to give a firm, younger look to the arm.
The surgeon evaluates the quality and looseness of the skin and determines how much fat, tissue and skin to remove to achieve the results you want.



How is the surgery done ?

Arm lift : Procedure

The length of the incision performed during surgery varies: patients with elastic skin may only require a minor incision. Patients who have experienced massive weight loss or excessively loose, drooping skin may require a larger incision.

Extended arm lift

Also known as standard brachioplasty. This type is the most common arm lift used in patients. It involves the removal of excess skin that sags like a bat wing from the armpit to the elbow. This is often the result of rapid weight loss or loss of elasticity of the skin due to the natural aging process.
The surgeon creates an incision that extends along your arm, from your armpit to your elbow. In some cases, the location and length of the incision may vary depending on a number of factors such as the amount of skin you want to remove and its location. The shape of the incision can also be curved or z-shaped, as these two elements can minimize the appearance of adverse scars after healing.
The surgeon removes excess skin and fat and collects the incisions to have a firmer and smoother arm outline. The incisions are carefully sewn under the skin so that the sutures are gradually absorbed by the body.

Minimal arm lift

The mini arm lift, also called limited arm lift, is a great option for people who only need a slight revision of the skin under the arm. They usually have loose skin in the lower part of the inner arm near the armpit and not a lot of excess fat tissue. It is also the best option for patients who have lost a moderate amount of weight due to diet and exercise, as well as those who have developed a looseness due to aging.

The procedure for the mini arm lift is quite similar to the elevation of the arm, but the main difference is that the incision is much smaller. In most cases, the diamond-shaped incision is located in the hollow of the armpit, where the scar is barely visible. Since excess suspended skin is often located near the armpit, your surgeon may be able to pull and tuck excess skin into the armpit.

It is important to note that those who have had previous bariatric surgery are often not advised to undergo a mini-facelift because it does not provide the necessary drastic overhaul after extreme weight loss.

After the surgery:

Swelling is expected after brachioplasty surgery although this varies between patients. The swelling begins to resolve within the first two weeks after surgery.
A compression garment or sleeve is usually needed to control this swelling and help protect skin and tissue.
Most patients can resume moderate activity in 3-4 weeks, with complete recovery after 4-6 weeks.
Even if the scar is not visible, the doctor can propose a plan of treatment scar so that the incision heals in a healthy and fast way.

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