If you’re bothered by the appearance of your lower abdomen, a mini-abdominoplasty can help you get the results you want with a relatively short recovery.

A modified version of the tummy tuck, the mini-abdominoplasty removes excess sagging tissue from the lower abdomen (below the belly button) to restore a firmer, flatter, thinner silhouette. Depending on your needs, the surgeon may also remove some stretch marks below the belly button during surgery or even slightly tighten the loose muscles.

Am I a good candidate for the mini-abdominoplasty?

  • A mini tummy tuck can be a great option if you are healthy and have a stable weight without a large excess of abdominal skin.
  • Usually, the best candidates are mainly concerned with loose skin or a lower belly protruding.
  • If you have stretched or sagging skin or muscles, a full tummy tuck may work better.

  Rate : £ 1 800

This package includes: the Surgery, anesthesia, use of the operating room, stay at the clinic, drugs, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, convalescence at the hotel and transfers (Airport / Clinic / Hotel).

 Anesthesia : general

 Length of stay : 6 days (5 nights): 2 nights at the clinic / 3 nights at the hotel

Scar : Limited to the lower abdomen and it is hidden by underwear and bikini

Time of absence before returning to work :You can return to work after one week. Do not exert yourself and keep moderate physical activity for 15 days.

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Before the surgery:

During your consultation with the surgeon, he explains the progress of the mini-abdominoplasty.
Depending on your state of health, the surgeon will ask you to perform a laboratory test or a medical examination before your surgery.

It is recommended to stop smoking for 6 weeks before any surgery because smoking affects your body’s ability to heal.
Products such as chewing gum and Nicoderm continue to provide nicotine to your body and should also be stopped.
You can contact us if you need help to stop smoking.

Make sure you have a responsible adult to accompany you. You will need someone to stay with you for at least 24 hours after your surgery

During the surgery :

The techniques of complete abdominoplasty and mini-abdominoplasty can be very similar.
However, a smaller incision is made for the mini tummy tuck since a smaller area is treated.
It depends on the amount of the stretched skin that will be removed.

Liposuction can be used with this surgery.
During the procedure, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin and underlying tissues are stretched.

The result is a flat stomach and more toned. The navel is unaffected by this surgery because it usually does not need to be repositioned.
The scar is usually limited to the lower abdomen and is hidden by underwear and swimsuits.

After the surgery:

After surgery, you should expect to feel pain, swelling, bruising, and temporary changes in sensation.
Usually, you can return to work within two weeks of your intervention, depending on your occupation.
However, you cannot return to intense activity until 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Gentle walking is encouraged from the day of surgery.
The pain usually lasts for several weeks.

You need to wear tight clothing after surgery to help your body heal properly.

You may have drains placed at the time of surgery that require management.
The points placed during your surgery dissolve over time and do not need to be removed after surgery.

You may also have skin glue or other strips of skin and dressings placed at the time of surgery that remain for a certain time after the operation

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