Keeping a young, dynamic look is an important element in the life of a modern man.

But with age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkles which causes sagging. The deeper layers of the face, namely fat and muscle, develop a lack of elasticity and also contribute to the relaxation of the face and neck.
This sagging skin and deeper tissue produces commonly observed signs of aging of the face and neck.

  • For the forehead , it creates a look of heaviness or “hood” on the eyes
  • In the middle of the face, sagging cheeks lead to the loss of the youthful aspect of the face.
  • In the lower face and all along the line of the jaw, an increasing looseness appears.
  • Around the neck, the skin becomes more and more relaxed and sometimes even vertical wrinkles can appear.

It should be noted that full facelift is the most effective way to eliminate sagging skin. Non-surgical options, very popular, but produces only a temporary and unsustainable effect.
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 Facelift tarifs : £ 2 395

This package includes: the Surgery, anesthesia, use of the operating room, stay at the clinic, drugs, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, convalescence at the hotel and transfers (Airport / Clinic / Hotel).

 Anesthesia : General

 Length of stay : 6 days (5 nights): 3 nights at the clinic / 2 nights at the hotel

Facial lifting scar : Discrete scars behind the ears and at the temples at the base of the hair.

Time of absence before returning to work :You can return to work after one week. Do not exert yourself and keep moderate physical activity for 15 days.

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The basic principles of Full facelift surgery:

Full facelift techniques have improved dramatically over the last 30 years and the effect of excessively pulled skin towards the back of the face is no longer observed.
Nowadays, the lifting principles are mainly aimed at:

  • Minimize the size of the incisions and hide them as much as possible, to reduce the visibility of the final scars.
  • Tighten the muscle under the skin to produce the necessary lifting effect.
  • Remove excess skin.
  • And finally, suture the edges of the skin together without tension. The suture of the skin without tension is the secret to avoid a too stretched and rigid look.

What are the effects of a full face lift?

In first days, it is necessary to rest to the maximum and to avoid any physical effort.
Naturally, after any form of facelift surgery, there will be some bruising and swelling of the face, but these effects will largely disappear within 3 weeks.
In general, it takes 3 weeks to return to work and social activities. The numbness or cutaneous tension can be felt immediately after the operation, but this will naturally disappear with time.

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