Is your cosmetic surgery project important to you? Your budget is tight?

With Medikalista you can do your cosmetic surgery now and pay in 3 times.


To reduce or better manage your expenses for your cosmetic surgery, you have the possibility with Medikalista to Spread the cost with 3 interest-free payments by PayPal. (See the conditions on the PayPal site)

This offer is unique in Tunisia because Medikalista is a European agency, local agencies do not have a PayPal account and only offer the possibility of cash payment or rarely by bank transfer.


(See the conditions on the PayPal site)


Get a detailed quote and a personalized diagnosis for your medical stay, then one of our advisers will contact you with all the details, including the possibility of paying in 3 instalments with PayPal.

Ask for a personalized quote with the opinion of the Surgeon. Click here.


Here are some helpful information and details of this offer:


How can I make a 3X Payout?

Simply choose to pay with PayPal when Medikalista sends you your PayPal invoice, connect to your PayPal account (You must have a PayPal account connected to a means of payment in UK: a bank card or a bank account), and you will see a Pay in 3X option, if you are eligible, request Pay in 3X in a few steps, get an instant response and complete your payment.


What purchase amounts are eligible for 3X Payout?

3X payouts are available for eligible cart values between £ 30 and £ 2,000.

For amounts over £ 2000, you can pay £2000 in 3 installments and the rest in cash, this allows you to reduce your budget enormously.


When should I make my 3X Payout with PayPal?

It should be noted that PayPal may refuse this option depending on your bank profile and your ability to refund( With our PayPal business account we have no information or leeway on PayPal’s decision)
We therefore advise you to make your payment in 3X with PayPal before arriving in Tunisia, this will avoid any inconvenience with the clinic or even the cancellation of your surgery due to inability to pay.


Are there any fees associated with Paying in 3X ?

No, there are no costs associated with the provision of a 3X Payment for the customer, the costs are the responsibility of the company, therefore the responsibility of Medikalista.


Do I sign a contract with the company (Optimum Allianz Ltd, with its Medikalista brand) or with PayPal?

If your Pay in 3X and your request is approved, you enter into a contract with PayPal. This means that PayPal is the lender and Medikalista is not.

See the terms and conditions on the PayPal site:

Where can I check the amount of my installments and the total amount I still have to repay ?

Log in to your PayPal account, go to Payments in 3X, then click on Payments in 3X then check what you want to consult. You can see the amounts of your previous installments in the Activity of your Payment in 3X. You can also view the amounts of the next installments by clicking on View upcoming installments.

The amount you still have to repay is shown under “Remaining”.


If I decide (or the surgeon decides for medical reasons) to cancel my surgery after having made the payment in 3X with PayPal ?

On our part from our PayPal business account, we will refund the amount owed to you from our PayPal account.

PayPal on its part will refund you the installments already paid and cancel the remaining installments.

Request diagnostics and quotes on our site to get a precise idea for your medical stay budget, then your Medikalista adviser will contact you with all the details, including the possibility of paying in 3 instalments with PayPal.

Ask for a personalized quote with the opinion of the Surgeon. Click here.

With Medikalista enjoy your cosmetic surgery now and pay later.

Pay in 3 interest-free payments with (Learn more)