Dental facet (a tooth flank)

For a smile that illuminates your face

The dental facets are an excellent solution to improve the color of the teeth, their shape, even their alignments and other aesthetic defects.

A photo to make a diagnosis, as well as a stay of 3 to 5 days to make the facet on site are sufficient for a harmonious smile

What to know before choosing a dental facet

The dental facets are thin shells that stick on the tooth to restore it to shine.

Made of ceramic, they achieve a result that reproduces the appearance of a real tooth.

If the teeth are very damaged and worn, it is necessary to opt for a dental crown.

Your specialist surgeon will describe the necessary modifications to the teeth to be treated during your first session.


Ceramic dental facet price: 270, 00 £


Lumineers dental facet Price: 460, 00 £

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Procedure for the placement of dental veneers

Faceting is not painful and does not require much time.

They are resistant and easily accepted by the gums.

Generally made of ceramic and glued on the visible face of the anterior teeth, the dental facets are made to measure.

The dentist starts with a molding first after taking the fingerprints of your teeth.

Then, he will perform several tests to finally validate and move to polishing and finishing.


After the installation of the dental facets

Tips and recommendations to consider:

The duration can reach 20 years, that’s why the only advice that could be given to you, is to have a good oral hygiene and to brush your teeth regularly.