Dental esthetic care

Aesthetic dental care is all procedures that improve your smile and improve your overall appearance. This dental care covers a wide range of possible treatments.

Due to recent advances in dental procedures and materials, patients are increasingly consulting dentists for aesthetic reasons only. The reason? A better smile!

A beautiful smile makes you feel better about yourself and builds your confidence.


What Medikalista can offer you?

Teeth Whitening – Illuminate your smile and eliminate unwanted stains on teeth without altering them.


Mini Smile Makeovers – This usually involves bleaching, gluing, Invisalign and sometimes veneers

Aesthetic Orthodontics – Invisalign and Minor Dental Movement

Direct Bonding – Composite material bonded to your teeth, then shaped and polished for optimal appearance.

Facets / crowns: They are stuck on the teeth to fill gaps, change shape and color.

Prices dental care Tunisia

Prices do not include the stay.

Ceramic dental facet: 285 €

Lumineers dental facet brand: 500 €

Zirconia crown: 350 €

Ceramic crown: 270 €

Filling teeth Inlay / Onlay: composite or ceramic: 220 €

Descaling 2 sessions (Maxillary upper + lower): 70 €

Teeth whitening: 300 €

Orthodontic and Dental Straightening: Invisalign System (Transparent Aligners): On request


Important: For surgery and dental care we display prices as an indication. Nevertheless each patient requires a special treatment adapted to his case. It is essential to consult one of our dentists.

In order to establish a treatment plan and a personalized quote our team of dental surgeons will need:


-A face photo of the teeth with open mouth (Levees and cheeks well apart)

-A photo of face and one of a profile with your mouth closed

-A panoramic dental radio


Fill out the form with the necessary information to have your personalized quote with the opinion of the surgeon. Click here.