Poliklinischer Jasmin Jasmins

Geographically, it is located in the northern urban center of Tunis.

It is 5 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the northern suburbs of Tunis (La Marsa, Carthage, Gammarth) and 10 minutes from downtown Tunis.

Polyclinic les Jasmins is approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

It is considered one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia.

It is equipped with advanced equipment adapted to the practice of multiple surgical specialties such as cosmetic surgery.

With its 222 beds and 11 operating rooms (each specializing in a specific area), the clinic offers a range of exclusive and innovative services such as a service dedicated to cosmetic surgery, a pediatric and neonatal resuscitation center, a service emergency with an anaesthesiologist present on site 24 hours a day, a technical platform equipped with latest generation equipment with a radiology unit (MRI; Scanner 64 Bars, ultrasound, bone densitometry, mammography, dental panoramic), a laboratory medical analyzes, an Anapath Laboratory and a Radiotherapy unit (equipped with latest generation accelerator).